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A GNOME media player built using GJS with GTK4 toolkit. The media player uses GStreamer as a media backend and renders everything via OpenGL.

Windowed Mode

Fullscreen Mode

Floating Mode


Installation from Flatpak

The Flatpak package includes all required dependencies and codecs. Additionally it also has a few patches, thus some functionalities work better (or are only available) in Flatpak version (until my changes are accepted upstream). List of patches used in this version can be found here.

Download on Flathub

Packages in Linux Distributions

Packaging status

Pre-built RPM packages are also available in my repo (see status).
Those are automatically built on each git commit, thus are considered unstable.

Installation from Source Code

meson builddir --prefix=/usr/local
sudo meson install -C builddir


Feel free to ask me any questions. Come and talk on Matrix:


Preferred translation method is to use Clapper Crowdin web page.

Crowdin does not require any additional tools and translating can be done through web browser. You can login using GitHub account or create a new one. Only I can add new languages to this project, so if your language is not available, please contact me first.

Special Thanks

Many thanks to sp1ritCS for creating and maintaining package build files. Big thanks to bridadan and Uniformbuffer3 for helping with testing V4L2 and NVDEC hardware acceleration methods.

Thanks a lot to all the people who are supporting the development with their anonymous donations through Liberapay. I :heart: U.